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Welcome to Chepstow Rifle Club, the second oldest shooting club in the country.

Chepstow Rifle Club or CRC has been shooting .22 Rim Fire rifles for over 100 years.

When the club first started up in the early 1900s, this discipline was known as 'Miniature Rifle'. But by the 1930s the name had changed to 'Small Bore Rifle', which is still the case today . The National Body for this sport is the NSRA (National Small-Bore Rifle Association) to which we are still affiliated with today, Along with the NRA UK (National Rifle Association UK). More information on the clubs history can be found on our 'ABOUT US' page.

We currently shoot 4 different disciplines in the club; Gallery, Precision, Prone, and Bench Rest. Each of the disciplines are normally shot on different evenings as the require a different configuration of the range, and are shot at different distances. As a club, we compete in multiple competitions both internally and externally throughout the year in all disciplines. For more information on each discipline, please see the 'DISCIPLINES' page. 

Safety at the club is paramount, and strict procedures  are in place to ensure that every one at the club, along with the surrounding area and environment is protected at all times. There is a set procedure for anyone wishing to join the club, which can be found on our 'MEMBERSHIP' page.

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