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Gallery Rifle

Chepstow Rifle Club has a strong and active gallery rifle section. Gallery rifle is shot with sporting .22 RF rifles. The most popular rifles being semi-autos, or self-loading, e.g. the Ruger 10/22, although bolt action rifles and lever action rifles such as the Marlin 39a are used.


Targets are shot at from the standing position at 20 and 25yds.

3 targets must be shot for one round. One target is presented for a duration of 10s, the second target for 20s, and  the last  at 150s. 

Each target consists of two details, and in each detail 5 rounds are to be shot. 10 rounds should be shot in total per target.

Compared to most other .22 disciplines, gallery rifle is a low cost sport. New members can, after going through the necessary paper work, start shooting under instruction with club rifles. After a probationary period of 6 months full members can apply for a FAC to be able to purchase a rifle of their own.

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