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Application of Membership to Chepstow Rifle Club.

Summary of Aplication

Chepstow Rifle Club is a Home Office approved club affiliated to the NRA and the NSRA.

In order to get the approved club status from the Home Office, we have to meet certain criteria laid down in law.

An important part of that criteria is that the club provides a constitution, which is a set of rules and an admissions procedure that meets Home Office and Police requirements.

New applicants are required to submit the necessary application documents, and to also attend an interview with the clubs Committee members.

It is a requirement by law that the club informs the Police on any new application with the details of the new applicant. The right to refuse, or accept the applicant to become a 'probationary member' is at the full discretion of the local Police Constabulary and the clubs Committee members.


If the applicant is refused, the application process will stop, and membership will not be offered.

If accepted, a joining fee must be paid by the applicant, and a 6 month probationary period will begin where you will be trained and monitored using the clubs equipment.


At the end of the 6 months probationary period, your attendance, range safety, etiquette, club involvement, and ability will be reviewed. The club will then either offer full membership, choose to extend the probationary period, or refuse membership if the probationary member has not met the requirements/expectations of the probationary period. 

Membership Procedure

1.  Applicant will contact the club to express an interest in becoming a probationary member; and will complete our application forms (below) and provide us with the name and contact details of someone who is willing to provide a reference.

2. When the club secretary has received the completed application forms, he/she will request a reference from the named referee and also inform Gwent Police of the application.


During this period the applicant is advised to continue to visit the club and get to know various members and see how the club operates.


4.  When a satisfactory reference has been received by the club secretary, and we have not been instructed to refuse membership by Gwent Police, an invitation will be made to other full members of the club to propose, and second the applicant as a probationary member.

5.  It is only after this important and legal step will the applicant be permitted to shoot under supervision at the club. An exception to this is if the applicant is a member of another club and holds an valid and current FAC  (Fire Arms Certificate)- if this is the case he/she will be able to shoot at the club under supervision and signed in as a visitor.


6.  All successful applicants will then be issued with a membership number and start their minimum 6 month probationary membership at Chepstow Rifle Club. During this time probationary members will take the time to study the club rules and constitution, shoot under supervision and work through the new members log book. It is important to note that a good attendance will be required, and that any intentional or negligent disregard of the clubs rules, safety procedures, or supervisors instructions could result in a disciplinary, or in severer circumstances, immediate dismissal by the clubs committee members.


7.   No money will be refunded if the applicant does not successfully complete their probationary membership, or if they are dismissed by the clubs committee members due to a violation of the clubs rules, safety procedures, or supervisors instructions .

7.    After the minimum 6 month probationary period, the application will be reviewed by the club committee at their next meeting. The membership, if approved, will be confirmed by letter, and a membership card will be issued and stamped following any balance of fees being paid by the applicant. The new  member's police authority will be notified of this.

For more information of Firearms Licensing, please click on the link below, which will show you the guidance information issued by the Home Office;

Membership Fees

Joining Fee

£60 joining fee applies to all applications, this is a non-refundable deposit to cover the costs of processing your membership application; 

Your Annual Membership fee is payable in full upon being accepted as a Probationary Member*.

* A minimum 6 month probation period applies, where you must PASS a range of safety and competency tests to become a full member.

*  No money will be refunded if the applicant does not successfully complete their probationary membership, fails Police Vetting or if they are dismissed by the clubs committee members due to a violation of the clubs rules, safety procedures, or supervisors instructions.

Annual Membership Fee

Full Membership   (18+ years)         -    £100 per year  +  £1 per attendance

Junior Membership** (<18 years)  -    £30 per year    +  £1 per attendance

Social Member***                            -    £25 per year

** Junior members must always be accompanied by a responsible guardian of at least 18 years old.

*** Social Members are non-shooting members (e.g. a parent or guardian for a Junior Member)

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