A sad passing . . .

Guys I’m overwhelmed by the emails in tribute to Jerome . Jerome was a private and quite guy , but one that went about making his mark in his own way . He would just turn up one night with a Tesco bag full of wire and black boxes . Then by some sorcery and words only some French speakers would know , behold targets would turn , heaters go off and on with a touch on a computer screen! For all this equipment we never had a bill. I think I got to know Jerome as well as any as I shared cars with him going to Bisley, see him shoot full bore was in it self a experience, with a chronograph on the barrel , black box mounted on the scope , he sighted with his mobile screen ! With the whole shoot recorded on his mobile! We all will take with us our own memories of Jerome Mine is him walking in to the club dressed in black with a violin case under his arm Rest in pease old friend. Graham Club Captain CRC

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